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Voyage to Guinea

A Griot's Journey, Guinea/ Un Voyage de Griot,
Guinea, West Africa

December 27 to January 25, 2022/2023

In the end of December 2022, Famoro Dioubaté, Mamady Kouyaté, and Lisa Feder will host a field school in Guinea. During the voyage, we will learn about the history and values of Manding culture while integrating into local culture through music, the arts, and daily life. Classes are open to native French and English speakers. Would you like to join us?

This trip is offered as a college-level course based on Lisa Feder's fieldwork methodology called Transformative Ethnography.

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For more information, pricing, and to apply, send an email to

Pour obtenir plus d'info, les prix, et pour faire une demande, ecrivez un mél à:

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