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Seminars and Workshops


Lisa Feder, author of Jeliya at the Crossroads (2021) designs and leads seminars and classes on the role of jelis (griots) in culture in West Africa and beyond. Each program is tailor-made to suit the university, museum, or sector of society who is interested in learning the essential role of griot music in crossing borders of culture, language, race, economic differences and more. 

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music workshops

Lisa organises music workshops in balafon, ngoni, kora, or guitar for professional and amateur musicians as well as college students. 


Lisa custom-designs music concerts in various formations, as solo, duet, acoustic, or dance band to accompany seminars and workshops. See samples of the musicians she works on Instagram and Youtube here. 

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Concert with Esprit Mandingue

In January 2020, we organized a series of balafon workshops with BalaKala Diabaté followed by a concert by Esprit Mandingue with Soriba Sakho on kora, Ben Body on Bass, and Balakala on balafon in Montreuil, Paris region, France. Watch this video of Esprit Mandingue, playing in Paris to the right.  

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