Manding Grooves

In 2019 Lisa Feder founded Manding Grooves, LLC to promote Manding Music and culture to an international audience. Manding Grooves has its own website. Please click here to connect.

Manding Grooves started a project with Mory Kanté in 2019 to tell the story of Soundiata Keita's Malian Empire in 1235 CE. This empire claimed to write the first charter of human rights called the Charter of Kouroukan Fouga. Since that time, the Manding griots, or jalis, have been recalling those values and norms of behavior outlined in that charter so that the diverse peoples that inhabit the region of West Africa may live together in peace. This culture is currently in peril. 


Manding Grooves believes that this story has benefits for the world we live in today. We plan to tell that story with the help of griots living around the world through documentary film. If you'd like to help as a griot, musician, film producer or financial supporter, or just moral support, please contact Lisa Feder at 


Many thanks for your support! We bring people together through music!

These are just a few samples of some of Lisa's favorite Manding artists. This music is protected under copyright law. If you are interested in purchasing, publishing or distributing this music, please contact  

Famoro Dioubaté, Balafon. Solo album available here.

Djekoria Mory Kanté, guitarist, with Famoro Dioubate on balafon.

Sanna Camara from the Gambia on Bongho.