Manding Grooves 

Lisa Feder has been working with Manding musicians based in the Gambia and Guinea, West Africa since 2000. In 2019 Lisa started Manding Grooves, LLC to promote Manding Music. Below are samples of some of her favorite artists. This music is protected under copyright law. If you are interested in purchasing, publishing or distributing this music, please contact Lisa at 

Famoro Dioubaté, Balafon. Solo album available here.

Djekoria Mory Kanté, guitarist 

with Famoro Dioubaté, balafon.

Album in process. 

Missia Saran Dioubaté on vocals with Famoro Dioubaté's Kakande, Live at Shrine NYC.

I am currently seeking support in France for the production of a documentary on jaliya. To read the synopsis in French, press the button below.  

Sanna Camara from the Gambia on Bongho.

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