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In 2019 Lisa Feder founded Manding Grooves, LLC to promote Manding Music and culture to an international audience. In 2022, Manding Grooves changed its headquarters to France and became an SASU. Manding Grooves has its own website. Please click here to connect.

These are just a few samples of some of Lisa's favorite Manding artists. This music is protected under copyright law. If you are interested in purchasing, publishing or distributing this music, please contact  

Famoro Dioubaté, Balafon. Solo album available here.

Famoro 2018.jpg

Djekoria Mory Kanté, guitarist, with Famoro Dioubate on balafon.


Sanna Camara from the Gambia on Bongho.

Sanna camara.jpg

Manding Grooves started a documentary film project with the late, great Mory Kanté in 2019 to tell the story of Soundiata Keita's Malian Empire in 1235 CE which marks the beginning of jeli culture as we know it. 

Mr. Kanté, world renowned for his hit song Yéké Yéké, passed away in Guinea, Conakry in June 2020. He was the first Manding jeli to bring his kora music onto the world stage in a popular dance band style. May his life, both deeply tied to his ancestral roots and fiercely modern and successful, be an inspiration for the current and future generation of jelis. 

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