To adapt from one culture to another, one needs to develop flexibility of mind, strength of heart, and a sense of what is fundamentally important to oneself and to humanity.  

I develop deep understanding with people who live very differently than me. I make connections and improve cross-cultural understanding between myriad diverse cultures. My work is my calling in life. My passion nourishes the roots of global peace-making. I teach this skill in my classes and it is the main theme in my projects, whether in documentary, music production, or writing. 

In Pará, Brazil, the Kayapo interface with the outside world. How do they navigate these powerful relationships to meet their primary need: to protect their homeland, the Amazon rainforest and savannah for their children's future, and ours.  

In West Africa, the griots bring diverse peoples together through their music, a ritual intended to cultivate kind-heartedness generosity, humbleness, courage, and calm state of mind. Aren't these things we need in all cultures?