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Study Abroad

Anthro in the Field

I create music workshops in France and West Africa for professional and amateur musicians, as well as anthropology and film students. Programs are custom-designed and suited for those interested in learning the music, arts, and culture of West Africa. 


I designed Transformative Ethnographya method of fieldwork I developed over decades of practice. It combines contemplative studies with sensorial, embodied and reflective field experiences. My programs abroad are a training ground for this method. Students choose a common activity in the host culture in which they take part on a regular basis, such as learning music or making food. Embodying the activity themselves under the guidance of their hosts, they learn the values, the beliefs, the expected behaviours, and from their embodied experience, they come to understand the culture.

In 2015 I co-developed a fieldschool in Belgrade, Serbia for the first time, using this method. Interested in learning more? Click Here.

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