Anthro Classes on line

I design and teach practically-based anthropology classes. In my classes, participants learn to make the familiar strange, and the strange, familiar. We question notions of gender, race, identity, belief systems in ourselves and in many cultures around the world. for example, Christianity is a given belief system, but what about our belief in money? In the final weeks, students embark on independent field research projects according to sensorial and embodied methods and are guided into creative, audio and visual methods of representation to complement their written papers. I have taught students from around the world pursuing a Master of Arts on line since 2008 at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Anthro in the Field

In 2015 I co-developed a fieldschool in Belgrade, Serbia. From that program I designed Transformative Ethnography, a method of fieldwork I developed over decades of practice. It combines contemplative studies with sensorial, embodied and reflective field experiences. My programs abroad are a training ground for this method. Students choose a common activity in the host culture in which they take part on a regular basis, such as learning music or making food. Embodying the activity themselves under the guidance of their hosts, they learn the values, the beliefs, the expected behaviours, and from their embodied experience, they come to understand the culture. Interested to learn more? Click Here.

Balafon Workshops

I host balafon workshops with teachers from Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso in Paris and Marseille on a regular basis. Click here for more info.

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