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Immigration in the USA

Today, Immigration, the Wall, and the DACA program. Half of us believe that Trump separated children from their parents and that it is unfathomable. The other half believe the parents were since, contacted, and preferred to leave their children in America to give their children a chance to become Americans.

The way I understand it, DACA was meant for children who came illegally to the US, grew up, had children, and are now protected from being deported. This program is in jeopardy under the Trump administration-perhaps not for long.

Questions/topics of this debate: Do we have an immigration problem? What is the problem? If not, what kind of policy should American have on allowing foreigners to seek legal residence in the USA? What is the issue with Asylum seekers? Muslims? Mexicans? Is the Wall a good thing? Please link your sources if you use them.

(The photo above is Mamady Kouyaté, a Guinean musician and intellectual who sought and won citizenship for being politically persecuted in his country).

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